Scottsdale Requires Short Term-Vacation Rental License- Ordinance 4655

On November 28, 2022 Scottsdale passed a new Ordinance 4655 that requires all short term rental or vacation rental owners to maintain a license through the city.  This is inline with the recent Arizona State law SB1168 that recently passed that requires each city to require a license to operate short term/vacation rental.  

Scottsdale is a large vacation destination and therefore has a high number of short term and vacation rentals, estimated by the city to be about 4,300 as of November 2022.  This new ordinance will be of interest for those who currently own and operate a short term/vacation rental as well as those who are considering operating one in the future.  


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Here is a short recap of a few of the details of Ordinance 4655, 


  • Effective Date -January 8, 2023 - All short-term rentals will need to have a license by January 8, 2023 to operate within the city of Scottsdale.

  • License Fee- The Fee for a Scottsdale short-term rental License will be $250.  

  • Liability Insurance - Liability Insurance of $500,000 must be maintained.

  • Violations - Violations will be fined at a rate of $1,000 per violation.  

  • Suspension of License - Three (3) violations within one 12 month period will result in a suspension of License

  • Emergency Contact- An emergency contact must be provided. 

For more information, click on the following links; Scottsdale Short Term Rental License or for the entire 120 page Ordinance 4655



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