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Tips for Using our Scottsdale MLS Advanced Search


1) Start with selecting County and City on Left hand side, Scottsdale is in Maricopa County. 

2) Also know that you can use this search for all of Arizona, are you looking a 2nd Home in Flagstaff or other, go for it. 

3) Are you interested in a Single Family Home, Select Home at top of screen, Are you interested in a Condo, Select condo and townhome.

4) Do you have a price range? Select a low and high price point. 

5) Do you want to live in a golf course community, Under Community Features, Select Golf Course

6) Do you want to live on a golf course, Under Property Description, Select Golf Course Lot

7) Are you looking in a particular area? Use the Map Search Feature, Hit Map Search and use the Polygon Search (Upper Right Corner) to draw the area you are interested in.

8) You can define your search as specific or broad as you like.